Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Discovering The Chase Amazon Business Visa Credit Card

One of the biggest names in cyberspace has teamed up with one of the biggest names in the credit card business to bring you a card designed to help you save even as you use it for your small business expenses. The Chase division of Visa, which is responsible for coming up with ideas to assist Visa small business clients, has teamed up with Amazon[.]com to offer small business owners the Chase Amazon[.]com Business Visa Card. Credit cards can be vital for the small business owner. They give small business operators easy and quick access to a cash flow when they have an urgent need to make purchases that will help to grow their businesses.

When your small business makes its purchases with the Chase Amazon[.]com Business Visa Card, you can now earn valuable rewards towards future Amazon products. Amazon[.]com is not just books (although you will find the world's largest selection of literature in all subjects on the site!) Amazon[.]com also offers a wide range of products such as software, computers, and electronics, all of which are eligible when you choose to redeem your Amazon[.]com Business Visa Card earnings.

Accumulating your earnings and redeeming them is simple. Use your Chase Amazon[.]com Business Visa Card for all of your business purchases and watch the points accumulate. You will receive 1500 bonus points immediately after using this Visa Card for the first time. After the initial purchase, you will receive 3 reward points for every dollar that you spend at the famous site. In addition, you will receive 1 reward point for every dollar you spend on your card at other locations. Every 2500 points means one Amazon.]com Reward certificate.

The Amazon[.]com Business Card offers an introductory period of six months. During this time, you will pay 0 APR on any purchases you make with the card. In addition, there is no annual fee for using this credit card, which offers a singular partnership between a major credit card company and a major player in the Internet industry. After the six month introductory period has ended, the card will carry a 17.24% APR. In addition, other APR rates include a 24.24% APR on cash advances, a 32.24% APR on defaults, and a 13.00% APR on overdraft advances. The card also charges 3% transaction fees on balance transfers, cash advances, and foreign currency exchanges either to or from US dollars.

Approval and use of the Chase Amazon[.]com Business Visa Card means that you are a part of the Visa Business network. You will be charged no deductible in the event you are the victim of a fraudulent credit card charge. You will also be able to apply for extra cards for employees of your business. The benefits of this are twofold: first, having all your business spending on one type of card will make your expenditures that much easier to track and control. Second, you will accumulate all earnings accrued on the additional cards on your own main account.

The Chase Amazon[.]com Business Visa Card allows a twenty day grace period for purchase payment. As with other business cards, Visa wishes to stress that this means of gaining credit is intended for business use only.

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