Friday, July 27, 2012

Drake Tax Software Hosting

Drake tax software as well as other tax software applications like Lacerte, ATX etc can be hosted on terminal servers giving enormous benefits to CPAs, Tax return preparers and accounting professionals. The reason for Drake tax software hosting benefits range from Data security, technical support to better management of the of the tax return process.

All tax software applications including Drake tax software can be hosted on terminal servers. Terminal server hosting is theorized as a network of users on a centralized server maintained by a third party or an application service provider. Users can access the server from a their desktops via internet.
Application hosting is the new buzzword in the accounting industry, and is predicted to be the next big thing in the IT industry. Technology research companies like Forrester have forecasted that by 2020 almost all applications will be delivered as a service. The major beneficiary in this movement will be Small and medium businesses who now will have access to technological innovations and advancements that were earlier only available to the major league players. The other benefits cited are data security, reduced IT costs due to the services of a third party application service provider.

If as an accounting professional or a CPA, you are using Drake Tax Software hosting solution, it will provide you with varied benefits like mobility, flexibility, increased operational efficiency and reduced IT cost. Like Drake tax software, other tax softwares like Lacerte, ATX, UltraTax etc can also be hosted on a terminal server. Terminal server hosting helps the tax preparers and CPA's in accessibility of the data from anywhere in the world and thus giving the CPA's an opportunity to outsource their work to a part time work force or to a third world country. Since both real time collaboration and multi user functionality is possible on terminal server, the CPA can forget the usual hassles, sending, modifying and resending financial data to client. Also his mobility now allows him to expand his services to clients at different locations.
The benefits which a CPA or an accounting professional derives from Drake tax software hosting are


Drake tax software hosting allows the clients and the designated users to have access to the files from any internet connection.

Manage users better: With the help of multi user functionality and real time collaboration, your return on investment of your tax return preparation increases dramatically,
Focus on your business: With Drake tax software hosting you can now concentrate on your business areas and can leave the IT pain areas like up gradation, troubleshooting, software installations to the IT experts. Even the data backups and data security is guaranteed by the third party ASP, thus eliminating nearly all your IT concerns.


Data security is one of the major concerns with businesses and CPAs alike. From Daily data backups, to a zero data loss, third party ASPs like Real Time Data Services understands the predicaments of the clients. Their security features include the following.

Tier IV data centers: Data is stored in SASII Tier IV certified Data Center, further data back facility is available at multiple locations which ensures your business continuity planning. The Raid mass storage system ensures that there is no data loss due to hard disk failures.

Secured Network access: Access to the data is protected by password access.As a client you can determine the level of access for an individual user. Also you are always in command of your data as you can always backup and print the data locally.


Drake Tax software hosting helps you in increasing the overall efficiency of your business. The hosted application is faster in data access, improves functionality and finally enhances the ROI. Drake tax software hosting allows you to have real time collaboration with your workforce and clients, and the multiuser features helps you in gaining a global accessibility to your data and thus the data is better managed and the client is better serviced. Terminal server hosting can also help to manage various add-ons to drake tax software and functionality can be greatly improved.

As a CPA or an accounting professional you don't need to worry about scalability of your IT infrastructure for your business growth, the scalability is just a phone call away. You can increase your storage, add n number of clients at any point in time. Also flexibility also allows you to do it for a limited period of time. For example as a CPA you want 5 part time workers for a season, but after the tax season ends, you don't require them. There are various ASPs in the market who can provide these services for a limited time at a nominal fee.
Cost saving

ATX Tax software hosting brings cost efficiency to your business in more than one ways.

Reduce IT support costs: Drake tax software hosting virtually eliminates the role of local IT support and maintenance. The software is installed and run on the terminal servers and 24x7x365 IT help desk support is available for troubleshooting. Further entire services from backup, real time monitoring for security as well as periodical software upgrades all are managed by ASP.

Planned Budget: Drake tax software hosting is available on a fixed monthly fee basis. Thus you can plan your future budget without worrying about cost escalations in terms of storage upgrades, hardware upgrades etc.
As a CPA or an accounting professional, drake tax software hosting is the ultimate service that can help you increase your business's profitability, productivity and accountability. It will surely take your business to new heights and help you in servicing your clients more effectively and efficiently.

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