Sunday, September 30, 2012

Looking For A San Diego Mortgage Lender

If you're thinking about moving to the San Diego area, there are quite a few things that you need to keep in mind prior to making your move. Among the most essential of these things is the San Diego mortgage lender you decide to go with to finance your loan. With all of the alternatives out there for mortgage companies in the San Diego area, you may feel a bit intimidated by the choice you have to make. The details on the mortgage that you end up with should be entirely in your favor as long as you do not rush your decision at all and there are no hidden fees in the agreement. When looking for a home lender in the San Diego area, here are some useful things to make your research easier where your able to get the loan you need at a good monthly price.

Asking family members, friends or business associates who have moved recently are good places to start out. The people in your life that you're nearest to will be able to give you good, unprejudiced information that you know will have your best interests in mind. This is a far better way to begin your search than by reading online testimonials written by people you've never met and do not know anything about. As you're actually talking to these people, you can put together a list consisting of the mortgage companies they recommend, while making another list of the ones they recommend you stay away from, if any. You can research lenders individually once you have established a good starting point of prospective companies.

There are several ways you can research lenders on their own. The internet is a fantastic way to find simple information. No doubt the information offered on many company websites will be beneficial. If you're looking for more exact information relating to the particulars of your situation that will affect the terms of your loan, you can call the loan companies in question for that information.

To help you find the appropriate San Diego mortgage lender, it might be wise to consider investing in a mortgage broker. Although it might cost you more money for the short term, a mortgage broker will help you get the deal that will work best for you and just you. Getting their clients the best deal possible is the job of mortgage firms, it is also the job of these people to get you the very best loan possible. A mortgage broker works with different lenders in order to figure out which one in particular will be the best option for you. In addition to acquiring the best deal for you on a financial basis, a mortgage broker will also be doing the majority of the heavy lifting, so to speak as you sort out the process. A lot of the stress can be taken off your shoulders when working with a mortgage broker, which makes life much easier for you.

Purchasing a home is one of the greatest, if not the biggest, investment you'll make in your lifetime. While things can certainly get annoying as they drag out, the most important thing is to be sure you stay patient and to make a level headed decision. Prevent headaches down the road and consider when looking at purchasing a home to consider getting a mortgage broker to help iron out a good deal with lenders.

Friday, September 28, 2012

How Much Has Parenting Discipline Changed Since You Were A Child?

There are few more emotive issues in today's society than parenting discipline. Ask a hundred parents what child discipline is and you'll probably get a hundred different responses. The parenting discipline landscape has changed considerably during the last fifty years, with more emphasis placed on mental discipline than physical.

In this article, we will examine what is considered implementing new age parenting disciplines which are becoming more widely accepted, particularly in the western world.

The Days Of Corporal Punishment

There was a time when copping a whack on the bottom was part and parcel of growing up as a child. It was called corporal punishment and was not only invoked at home but was also dealt out at school. Remember the cane? I do and so would many others of the baby boomer era. Was it wrong? This is where you have to be careful because new age parenting disciples have become so dead set opposed to any form of corporal punishment that any mention of it now has connotations of child abuse. I didn't like it but did it affect my becoming a model citizen? The answer is a firm no!

Examining Some Good Discipline Practice

So what are considered good parenting practices today? Well, pyschology seems to be in vogue. Here are some examples:

- Don't yell at your child. Why? Because it's been determined that children respond more when approached in a calmer fashion. This doesn't mean you need to bribe a child. Pointing out errors in a calm and controlled fashion will earn you more respect in the child's eyes, particularly from a mentoring perspective as opposed to yelling and demanding. Ask yourself this... what would you respond and respect more, being yelled at or spoken to in a calm tone?

- Give your children the opportunity to have their say but be careful not to give them adult privileges. That is, maintain your authority in a positive and firm way. The child will respect you for allowing him/her to be heard but should know that you set the rules and they are expected to abide by them. Break the rules and they will be disciplined.

- Be careful not to attack a child's self esteem. A child who is continually told they are useless are going to grow up thinking what... they are useless. Praise should be given when appropriate however, too much praise can also be a dangerous thing. Why? Because a child will expect it and if it's not forthcoming, even for the most trivial thing, it can affect their self esteem. You need to find the right balance.

- As parents, presenting a united front is vital. Parents who disagree continually on appropriate punishment in front of a child are headed for trouble. Trouble in the fact that children are very perceptive and learn quickly. If one parent shows too much compassion all the time guess what? The child will pick up on this and establish his/her own higher ground in the battle of getting at least one parent on side for their own agendas.

Comparing parenting disciplines from bygone eras is quite interesting. On the surface things are certainly done differently but a closer examination begs the question... have the core base rules of parenting discipline really changed?

Thursday, September 20, 2012

How Do Traditional Hip Hop Artists Differ From Underground Rappers?

The term underground rapper first surfaced in the 90s. Back then it was used to refer to hip hop artists that were alternative in some way, shape, or form, be it through their beats or lyrical content. Today the term underground rapper still means more or less the same thing, but thanks to the Internet, the encyclopedia of underground rappers is enormous.

In fact, thanks to their originality and unique, cult-forming personalities, this writer would wager that underground rappers would sell as much if not more than the traditional hip hop artists that you see at the top of the billboard charts today if it weren't for the record label investment separating them.

That's an argument for another day. For now, let's compare two breeds of hip hop artist: the underground rapper of 2012, Insane Clown Posse (Not so Normal ICP), and one of 2012's most prominent mainstream hip hop artists, Jay Z.

One is from the Midwest, the other from Brooklyn, but both are urban dwellers, probably the most significant influence on their music making as hip hop artists. Beyond that, both are around the same age, both have media empires to their credit, and both rose to prominence in the 90s. One is married to a pop star, the others have quiet families of their own. Both are famous. Normal ICP (following mainstream society's definition of normal) is not a thing, but considering Jay Z normal is the norm.

When it comes to musical content, however, this hip hop artist vs. underground rapper matchup could not be between two more different opponents. Mainstream hip hop artist Jay Z does not always rap about material wealth or territorial pride, but he does quite frequently. On the other hand, underground rappers ICP don't cover any of that in their lyrics. Instead, they stick to thoughts on the darker side of life, but use their lyric to empower their Juggalo listening base.

Through these underground rappers unprecedented creativity, they have constructed stories and mythology that will encourage anyone to make sure they stay on the right path. Normal ICP, to them, is this.

Furthermore, ICP being underground rappers, they make sure that there is a point or moral to every story they tell. Some content may seem crude or vulgar, but as far as that content that doesn't have a more resonating message, the guys consider it a joke. Just like normal guys, normal ICP is to joke around from time to time.

More telling, they say, is their message to follow God and avoid hell, one location dramatically portrayed in many normal ICP songs. One will rarely, if ever, hear the guys in any normal ICP song spit rhymes about the newest shoes, cars, or chains.

The point is, when it comes to hip hop artists, you cannot use normal and ICP in the same sentence, and that's a good thing. Because normal and ICP don't align, they've created a movement that's bigger than they are, a refuge for the misunderstood to come and congregate. Because normal and ICP don't align, music fans that aren't attracted to normal hip hop artists now have an alternative. And even though normal and ICP can't really ever be used in the same sentence musically, these underground rappers have made it big time, and will probably be doing so for the foreseeable future.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tampa Florida: Second Highest Road Rage Death Rate in Country

Aggressive driving is one of the largest causes of fatal accidents in the United States. And it seems that Tampa Florida has the second highest rate of deaths due to road rage in the country. Who is first? According to an AAA survey it is San Bernardino CA with 13.4 deaths per 100,000 drivers as compared to Tampa with a rate of 9.5. Carry that across one million drivers and that is a lot of un-necessary deaths. You have to wonder why Florida auto insurance does not cost more than it does.

In a recent survey by the AAA Foundation's annual Traffic Safety Culture Index, eight out of ten drivers ranked aggressive driving to be one of the most serious and potentially dangerous situations they faced regularly on the highways. And they are right. Aggressive driving accounts for more than half of all traffic fatalities.

Aggressive driving and road rage seem to have become synonymous but are defined differently in many states. Aggressive driving can include speeding, racing, ignoring signs, and tailgating as well as confrontations with other drivers. These are all considered potentially aggressive behaviors.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) uses the following factors to identify crashes involving aggressive driving: speeding, tailgating, failing to yield, weaving in and out of traffic, and passing on the right, making improper and unsafe lane changes, and running stop signs and red lights. They excluded crashes in which drugs or alcohol were a factor. Within these parameters, they found that aggressive driving is the dominate factor in 56% of all fatal crashes.

What about the rest of the country? Places you would naturally assume like New York don't make the top ten. Big mean cities like Boston, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, nope, not even on the list. In fact Florida has the top honor of being listed 4 times in the top ten. Tampa as mentioned earlier is number 2, Orlando with 8.1, Miami with 8.1, Ft. Lauderdale with 7.3 are 4, 5 and 6 respectively. As a state, Florida ranks number 10 with South Carolina as number one. The report is based on metropolitan areas with populations over one million.

Other interesting facts brought to light by the survey:

- Cities with better mass transit or other alternatives to the automobile had lower rates.

- Older cities with older neighborhoods with simple grid street patterns had lower rates.

- The larger more sprawled out metropolitan areas like San Bernardino CA, San Antonio TX, Dallas--Fort Worth TX, Tampa--St. Petersburg Florida all had higher rates of aggressive driving.

- Another surprise the sampling brought out is that residents of metro areas with low transit use were 61 percent more likely to die in an aggressive driving crash than people who live in areas with high transit use.

So, the next time you are out driving look at the person in the car next to you. Is this person going to run you off the road if you get a little too close? You never know but the experts all agree that the best way to avoid becoming a statistic is to avoid trouble in the first place. Just keep your head, stay calm, dive defensively and make sure your car insurance is up to date.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Great School Fundraising Ideas

Are you looking for great fundraising ideas for middle school? Perhaps you and your classmates have been assigned to plan for a fundraising event. If this is your situation, then you came across the right article! This article aims to provide you great fundraising ideas for middle school students that you and your classmates can try. So if you want to learn more about great fundraising ideas for middle school, then read on to this article to know the further details.

There are a lot of great fundraising ideas for middle school that are being used by students to raise money for their needs. Since the school budget is generally allocated for education, there are times when students cannot buy their miscellaneous needs such as sports team uniforms, dance studio facilities, laboratory equipment, new projectors, microphones, sports utilities and many more. That is why a lot of students are looking for great fundraising ideas for middle school.

One of the best fundraising ideas for middle school that you and you class try is organizing a school musicale. All you have to do is to collaborate with the drama club, dance club and choir and decide on a great musicale idea that they can perform. This fundraising event works best during special occasions such as Christmas and Valentine's Day because people are usually seeking lively entertainments during these times. You can print posters and place an ad on a local newspaper to gain more publicity for your event. You can also set up some photo souvenir booth and snack corner on the event's venue to raise additional profits.

Another classic on the list of fundraising ideas for middle school that you can try is selling of cookies, cakes, flowers and cards. This fundraising idea works best during Valentine's Day because a lot of people are sending notes and small gifts to their friends and loved ones. You can also offer delivery services, personal messages and even serenades in addition to the gift that the customer bought. This fundraising idea will surely become a major hit.

Environmental fundraising projects are also gaining popularity nowadays. You can organize a Plant a Tree event where participants will be able to help create a greener place to live in. You can also put up some photo souvenir booths and snack corners on the event's venue to raise additional profits. This is a great fundraising idea because it does not only help mother earth; it also promotes camaraderie, environmental awareness and fun among participants.

Lastly, you can organize a family day event at your school wherein participants will be able to have a bonding time with their families and will have the chance to win prizes on the bingo and raffle promos. You can also have games and souvenir booths on the event's venue. You can contact some companies for sponsorship of the event that you are going to organize. By working with sponsors, you will have more money to improve the event and you will have a share on the sponsor's profit on the fundraising event.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Want To Know More About Bmw Finance And Leasing Deals

BMW cars are popular among folks who like deluxe cars. BMW cars are known for their quality functionality, spectacular fashion and excellent driving feel. Over time, the name BMW has developed into a hallmark of fashion as well as quality. Because BMW is a high-class vehicle company, various folks cannot afford to acquire BMWs despite having a fair month-to-month cash flow. The nice thing is that there are a lot of solutions to get BMW cars. BMW leasing is among the right solutions that help you to get your own ideal BMW automobile.

If you have adequate income each month, then you could get a BMW lease conveniently. By utilizing BMW financing as well as leasing deals, you could get your preferred BMW without putting extra stress on your own month-to-month funds as well as budgets. Obviously, you wouldn't prefer to freeze the income in belongings that are not directly related to your enterprises. A high end automobile like BMW won't be utilized for making money or producing business. Thus, it does not make any good sense to shop for such resources on cash. You could go for vehicle financing choices to get luxury cars like BMW.

The BMW financing process is not difficult. After picking a BMW model, you will need to approach a vehicle financing organization. Your automobile seller can help you find a suitable financing organization. The leasing organization will ask that you submit an application form. You will have to give your personal data as well as specifics about your present job as well as monthly salary. The financing company will review your personal finances based upon this information. If you have a firm, then you'll need to present your financial reports to show your firm credibility.

Once you send the form, the financing organization will take a few days to accept or reject your loan application. Even if a specific financing firm rejects your request, you must be able to find another enterprise that may approve your application on specific conditions. The main point of concern here is your own credit worthiness. If your credit rating is suitable, then you'll not have problems in getting a BMW lease. As soon as your application is approved by a financing business, you could obtain your BMW vehicle in a few days or weeks.

In case you do not wish to buy a new BMW vehicle, then you may look for second hand BMW autos. Investing in a second hand automobile is a viable option if you're trying to save your money in the long term. You can come across quite a few used car suppliers who offer certified pre-owned BMW cars. They can also help you with leasing of your pre-owned BMW.

You should search cautiously whilst interested in a car leasing company. Always choose a financing organization that has a great standing as well as record out there. Go through the small print of the leasing contract before signing the contract. BMW financing can enable you to drive your own ideal automobile in a reasonable manner. Go for the right deals that provide flexibility as well as best payment terms.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Little About Loyalty One

In 1992 Loyalty One developed the air miles program and is one of the worlds most successful loyalty cards union. This program works with retailers to change shopper habits and create extensive programs that increase revenue. This program allows shoppers to buy everyday needs and earn miles towards rewards that fit their lifestyle. There are several parts to Loyalty One and working hand in hand they have developed the most successful reward system worldwide.

When this company united with Ontario Power Authority they cost effectively reached two thirds of the households by rewarding them for saving on their energy usage. They also worked with health authorities to give rewards for eating right, exercising and getting healthy. Air miles for social change were created to give customers more choices to better themselves and their communities.

This company has an extensive client list that includes Walgreens, Target, American Express and many more. They have worked with Fortune 1000 since 1981 creating loyal shoppers and increasing revenue. They are continuously defining programs that create better plans for their clients thus changing shopper behavior in a positive note for the company.

Part of this alliance is Precima which helps retailers identify their best shoppers and understand them. They use shopper insights to help retailers and manufacturers increase sales as well as profits. When this plan is placed into effect and starts the supply and demand it increases the company revenue and customer satisfaction which is crucial to succeeding.

Another partnership is with Colloquy which has been the top advisors for many years. Their information on local trends and the opportunities and best practices has long been admired. Their insight in all key industries including retail marketing, travel and financial services has long been respected. They have been cited by the media as giving quick access to the latest information as well as with success.

Direct Antidote is a agency that is focused in the field of customer relationships and the top of the field. They are key participants in the fields of finance, technology as well as many others. This company knows shoppers and how to increase your revenue with information that is critical to customer satisfaction.

Dotz is known for their work abroad bringing customer programs to Latin America. Loyalty One is one of the key investors to Dotz. Not only does this company give information to Dotz they also receive pertinent information on cross cultural trends. They work together to serve abroad consumers with the same benefits as local ones.

Loyalty One started out finding a way to bring retailers the information to make consumers happy which led to the reward program that is known all over. Air miles is a program that rewards consumers for being a loyal customer and allows them to choose rewards for their selves. While participating in the reward program consumers also get the best deals that are related to their shopping needs. When combining all the information Loyalty One wants to be the number one customer appreciation plan in the world.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Can The Irs Take My Pension?

IRS Problems can cause you and your family a lot of stress. You have worked hard all your life to be able to have a nice home and car. Now the IRS is threatening to take this all away. You have received a notice from the IRS stating that they are going to seize your assets to pay off the back taxes you owe. Can they do this? Can they take your car, your home, even your pension?

The IRS can seize your assets to pay your tax bill but there are certain assets that are safe from the IRS.

1. Clothing and school books
2. Fuel, food, furniture and personal effects up to ,500
3. Tools and books that are job related up to ,250
4. Unemployment, worker's compensation, public assistance and job training benefits
5. Undelivered mail
6. Certain annuity and pension benefits which includes the Railroad Retirement Act, Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act, Special Pensions for Medal of Honor winners, and Retired Serviceman's Family Protection Plan and Survivor Benefit Plan
7. Certain service-oriented disability payments
8. Deposits to the special Treasury fund made by members of the armed forces and Public Health Service employees who are on permanent duty assigned outside the US
9. A minimum amount exempt from a levy on wages, salary, and other income

You will notice that on the above list it says "certain annuity and pension benefits." These benefits are not completely exempt from the IRS. Your pension may be at risk if you owe a large sum to the IRS.

The IRS will typically seize your assets in this order:

1. Bank and checking accounts
2. Cars, boats, airplanes, and other recreational vehicles
3. Cash value life insurance
4. Accounts receivable
5. Stocks and bonds
6. Wages
7. Collectibles
8. Investment and vacation real estate
9. Pensions, IRAs and Keoghs
10. Home

As you can see, pensions are low on the list.

When the IRS seizes assets, they only need enough to pay off your tax bill. Do not forget, however, that your bill has been accruing penalties and interest so it has been increasing daily. If there are no other assets available to satisfy your bill than the IRS can seize your pension.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Leasing Commercial Real Estate Steps - Analyze, Inspect, and Secure!

Leasing commercial office space is a common issue to which many business owners devote much thought. Success or failure in this decision relies on one's ability to select and then negotiate for commercial real estate that is best suited to a business. After selecting the right location for the company and making the final rental decision, the next phase is the leasing process that will involve formulating significant portions of the lease agreement. The following is this process from start to finish.

Step 1: Analyze the Lease Requirements and Needs

The rapidly changing business world believes that the words growth' and risk' are interchangeable. When securing commercial property for a business operation, it is both exciting and frightening. A company undoubtedly aims for success but may encounter several hazards along the way. This is common in running any type of operation, so an owner must stay focused and concentrate on fulfilling all basic goals.

Basic Goals in Acquiring New Property:

Growth - The new location should provide room for business growth and expansion.
Transferable - The agreement should be transferable without penalty.
ROI - The new location should deliver a high return on investment during the entire length of the contract.
Increase Profits - The new location should help increase cash flow to counterbalance the cost of relocation and still allow for a positive net income for the company.

Terms of Lease

To avoid future complications, it is important that a business owner understand and analyze the terms of the office lease. Both tenant and landlord should know the obligations, terms, and conditions relevant to the property rental.
The terms of the lease should clearly outline the following:
Length of Contract Clearly state when it begins and ends.
Monthly Payment Declare any escalation of the monthly rent.
Annual Lease Amount - Outline the total rent paid in a year.
Category of the Lease State specifically whether net or gross category.
Clauses - As applicable for both tenant and landlord.
Renewal - The right to renewal of the agreement, usually by both parties.
Obligations of Both Parties Specific declaration of who is responsible for what office items, such as renovations, repairs and maintenance.
Security Deposit How much of a deposit is required as well as any conditions for its return to the tenant upon satisfactory completion of the contract.
Rights to Termination Defines how both sides may terminate the contract.
Taxes Itemization of which party is obligated for assessed property taxes.

Working Space Requirements:

Utility and amenity services
Furniture and equipment
Physical dimensions
Proper lighting
Dividers for office cubicles

Step 2: Inspect the Premises

After determining the basic company requirements, it is important to visit the various properties available for rent for space planning and general comparison purposes. Ensure that the new location will satisfy the needs of the company.

Step 3: Secure Necessary Documents

Once a decision has been made as to which property to lease, the final documents must be drawn up to process the lease agreement. The documents needed are:
Letter of Intent
Offer and Acceptance Agreement
Lease Agreement
Fit-out Period

All documents should be prepared ahead of time so that either party can have the paperwork reviewed by a real estate broker or attorney if necessary.

The commercial lease process can be lengthy; with the proper guidance, it can be headache-free and a successful outcome for both the landlord and tenant. For those interested in the final steps of Advice, Negotiate, Forms and Handover,' that portion will be covered in another article. The first steps listed here to analyze, inspect and secure will hopefully head any business to securing the best commercial office lease for their company!