Sunday, October 7, 2012

Google Apps Reseller Program

The initial idea that everyone gets from hearing the word reseller' is that there is a third party involvement while procuring google apps. This idea is partially right though. Google apps is an extensively researched and highly advanced set of applications that focuses on smooth running of businesses without a lack of communication. It is available for a small fee per month, per user, per business. Sometimes the users' companies lack the time, expertise and human resource maximum usability of these applications i.e. the users are not fully aware of the functionalities. This is where a reseller comes in.


A Google Apps Reseller may either be a set of individuals or a company that is certified by Google as a legal Google Apps Reseller. This certification is procured from Google. This entity acts as the third party vendor by setting up the apps with cloud computing for their client businesses. Google has taken this initiative to spread out the reach of their apps maximally and thus increase business efficiency. It is a win-win situation for Google, the resellers and the end users. Five reasons why one must go for a reseller program are:

Resellers have a definite process in place.

They provide the required training for working with Google apps optimally.

Software setup like plug-ins and networks for cloud computing are provided.

Data and information security which is critical to businesses is guaranteed.

System maintenance with almost negligible downtime is provided.

Google Reseller relationship

Google provides its resellers with the rudimentary tools to flag off Google apps at the client base. These tools include reseller training and support, sales and marketing tools and user database maintenance tools. The credentials that will be given are Authorized reseller' certificate and the reseller logo. Once the training manuals and subject expertise are imparted to the resellers, Google will have nothing more to do with the resellers. After that it is completely up to the resellers to get their business going. Google will not have any share in the profit or the margin whatsoever.

Becoming a Reseller

One can become a reseller in three steps. Firstly apply online by filling up the reseller application. The pre-requisites include being registered as a legal business and having a Google account. The next step is to qualify for being an authorized reseller. That is one must demonstrate the set up of customer google apps account for at least 25 end user accounts. These will all be temporary reseller accounts that can be merged into actual business accounts once authorization is procured. The last step is performed by Google which is a credit check run on the business that is applying for authorization. Once all these steps are completed the vendor business is awarded the reseller authorization.

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