Saturday, June 30, 2012

Forever Living Products: How To Become An FPL Top Producer

Forever Living Products is a Scottsdale, Arizona-based company which provides products in the health and wellness products sector.

If you wish to become a top earner in Forever Living Products, you need a way to promote to thousands of people- not just to the small number of friends and family people in companies such as Forever Living Products are taught to approach.

You MUST learn to market!

Read the rest of this article to learn several strategies top 2% earners are using to build large and lucrative businesses in companies such as Forever Living Products:

Be An Extremely Prolific Marketer

Top producers in opportunities like Forever Living Products typically market more prolifically than everyone else.

How skillfully you implement the primary multi level marketing activities (lead generation, qualifying your prospects, presentation) will impact how quickly your Forever Living Products business grows.

But it's also true that the QUANTITY of your execution matters as much as, or more than, how skillfully you complete each task.

Marketing more than the competition in Forever Living Products means generating more web traffic and creating a greater number of leads on a regular basis than other marketers in Forever Living Products.

If you're doing article and video marketing, then go ahead and publish a larger number of articles, videos, and blog entries than everyone else promoting Forever Living Products.

Every time you implement more advertising, then you should place more ads, in more places, than everyone else promoting Forever Living Products.

Every time you do webinars to present Forever Living Products then go ahead and do several webinars every single week. Not once every month or so.

Being an extremely prolific marketer means sending an email broadcast with useful tactics (and a call to action!) to your Forever Living Products opt-in leads list each day. Not sometimes. Daily!

Get an edge by just plain IMPLEMENTING MORE MARKETING, FOLLOW UP ACTIVITIES AND DOING MORE PRESENTATIONS than the competition marketing Forever Living Products.

If you drive more website traffic, bring in a larger number of leads, and conduct more webinars than others, you will most likely generate more income than others in Forever Living Products.

Marketing Is More Critical Than Duplication

People in network marketing companies such as Forever Living Products are told they need to keep everything they do simple so people in their Forever Living Products downline can duplicate these activities.

Does this keep everything duplicatable strategy actually work? For a very small percentage of marketers, yes, this strategy is effective.

But for the masses of network marketers in opportunities such as Forever Living Products, keeping all the activities in their business simple will NOT necessarily promote duplication.

To prove this to you, look at these stats:

Only about 1 in 5 people in your Forever Living Products downline will sponsor anyone else.
The minority of people that sponsor anyone will only ever sponsor about 2 or 3 people...ever!
The remaining 80% of your Forever Living Products downline won't ever do a darn thing.

The "keep everything duplicatable" strategy that network marketers in Forever Living Products are taught (like some ancient gospel) actually only causes 20% of the people to sponsor anyone. And they tend to sponsor a tiny number of people!

The strategy to "keep it simple" sounds great but in practice does NOT invoke high levels of duplication. In fact, this strategy creates problems very few people ever recognize.

The most popular tactic to keep things simple is "warm market recruiting", making a list of friends and family and then prospecting them to try to get them to join Forever Living Products. People promote this strategy not because it's the most effective tactic, but because it's the simplest.

Warm market recruiting can lead people to quit Forever Living Products. After a person runs out of friends and family to talk to about their Forever Living Products business, they often get frustrated and quit the business. They literally have NO IDEA how to do the one thing that can bring in new reps like clockwork, day in and day out: marketing and advertising their Forever Living Products business properly.

The second problem this friends and family approach creates is it repels high caliber prospects. Ideal prospects for a Forever Living Products business are people with transferable skills and large personal and professional networks. Real estate professionals, professional salespeople, executives and other business people fit this category, but these people tend NOT to want to approach family and friends about their opportunity, For many professionals, their reputation is their most valuable asset. Few professionals tend to feel comfortable introducing their network to a business opportunity they just got started with.

Should you start your Forever Living Products business with warm market recruiting? Yes. But unless you learn at least one rock solid marketing and advertising approach, you will run out of people to talk to. Keep in mind your highest quality prospects are going to want to implement a professionally sales and marketing approach as well.

Learn how to market your business on the Internet, and you can attract extremely high caliber Forever Living Products prospects who want to learn the same. Plus you won't need as much duplication because your reach will be so wide you can sponsor many people yourself into Forever Living Products. If only a few high caliber team members learn to market Forever Living Products online, you could build a very large Forever Living Products organization.

Solve Your Attrition Problem

More than 80 percent of the people in your Forever Living Products organization will quit the business within the first year. Attrition can make growing your Forever Living Products business every month very difficult.

People in companies such as Forever Living Products are usually taught two methods to solve their attrition issue. Method one is to assist new Forever Living Products distributors to make money right away, so they get an early taste of success and want to stick around. The second approach is to get your Forever Living Products downline members to feel part of the "team", something bigger than themselves, so they want to stay part of the group. Live team events, Forever Living Products team conference calls, and one-on-one coaching can foster a sense of team.

I have tried both of these methods. They don't stop attrition in opportunities such as Forever Living Products as much as you'd think. And these tactics create other problems.

When you attempt to help EVERY new Forever Living Products rep in your organization get into profit quickly, you spend LOTS of time helping your worst-performing new reps, the people who can't sponsor anyone by themselves. This takes focus away from your best people, the top 20% of your Forever Living Products downline that will drive 80% of all your income. Spending most of your time on the weakest 20% of your people just fosters dependency.

The other approach is to create a sense of team loyalty among your Forever Living Products team through live events, team conference calls, etc. This takes up enormous amounts of time and can also make your people dependent on you. Many of your weaker-performing team members will end up sticking around because they like being part of the team. But these people will NOT sponsor others by themselves routinely into Forever Living Products and will require LOTS of team support in order to stay in the game.

You're running a business, not a self-help group. You must learn to focus 90% of your support efforts on the small minority of people on your Forever Living Products team doing most of the sponsoring, NOT on the masses of people who need the most help.

A totally different approach to addressing attrition is not to try to increase retention, but to make attrition almost irrelevant to your business. To make attrition less of a problem, promote affiliate products to your prospects, which can easily add more than 10 affiliate income streams to your business. This diversifies your income and makes you less dependent on your downline for revenue. When you depend less on your downline for income, attrition matters less.

A second way to make attrition less important is to promote a high ticket opportunity that pays commission of ,000-,000 per sale. Traditional network marketing opportunities like Forever Living Products pay out only about -0 per new signup, so you must develop a large team and residual check to make a substantial income. When you earn ,000+ per sign up, you effectively earn 2-3 years worth of residuals up front, regardless whether your new signup endures for 6 days or 6 years. This approach makes attrition almost irrelevant to your business!

Make attrition far less of an issue by reducing your dependency on your Forever Living Products downline for your income. Diversify your revenue and increase your up-front income. Promote a high ticket opportunity that pays a commission of ,000 or more, and promote affiliate products.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Student Credit Cards And Cashless Lunch Payments

Students apply for a student credit cards primarily for one purpose to enjoy convenience and ease in their transactions. Today, the concept of quick and easy transactions is now being introduced in schools and colleges in the US through the cashless payment systems.

If you're not familiar with cashless payment systems, you may be surprised that this mode of payment does not involve cash at all. Students do not need to fall in a long anymore just to wait for their turn to pay. With this new payment system, students simply have their fingerprints scanned and check out with their lunches.

This new system uses biometric fingerprint scanners to identify and pull up the student's account. Afterwards, the amount of purchase will be automatically debited from the student's personal account so there's no need to fumble for cash and wait for a change.

Other schools also use other devices such as credit card readers and bar-code readers just like the ones used in department stores and groceries. As a result, each transaction does not need to take longer than a minute or even just a few seconds.

According to the May 2007 survey conducted by the School Nutrition Association,- a non-profit group that represents 55,000 school lunch providers in the US, about 62% of 1, 200 nutrition directors reported that they're already implementing the automated lunch payment system in their schools or a variation of the cashless payment system.

In the same survey, 4% said they would be implementing the automated lunch system within the next 12 months and almost 11% said they are planning to convert to the new system. Because of the positive response among school administrations and students, automated lunch payment systems are expected to become a part of the industry.

Automated lunch payments and Students

What are the advantages of using an automated payment system? For one, this new system hopes to decreases cases of theft among students. Since students won't have to bring cash with them, lost-money incidents can be prevented.

Students can also enjoy eating their lunch or relaxing during their lunch break instead of spending precious minutes on the lunch line. The new cashless payment system also encourages parents to go online and check out what their kids are eating for lunch.

By logging in into the student's account, a parent can track what his kid bought for lunch, what time he had lunch, and how much the meal cost them. Parents also have the option to transfer funds to their children's account using through the internet.

Using Debit Spreads To Increase Profits And Reduce Volatility

A debit spread is a useful tool to have in your options trading arsenal for a couple of reasons. It substantially reduces the volatility in a trade, while still retaining a substantial potential reward. When compared to something like a credit spread, where you could end up risking or for every that you take in, or say a straight call or put where you can end up earning many times your money for every dollar you risk, but have to deal with extreme ups and downs, the debit spread lies someplace in between these two strategies.

Credit Spreads
A credit spread can be a useful tool because it can provide a consistent and predictable income, by selling out of the money spreads. However the obvious problem with this lies in the fact that in doing so you are risking many more times the amount of money you hope to gain. In other words one loss on an out of the money credit spread can easily wipe out the profits from three or four trades. The advantage in these however is that with each passing day the time value decays, which works in your favor so that the stock doesn't actually have to go any place in order for you to make any money.

Buying puts and calls outright is the most common strategy for most investors. While this has the distinct advantage of leverage and the ability to earn many more times than the amount invested it does come with a price. Huge swings back and forth and extreme volatility. One day you're up the next day your down. Your timing has to be spot on much of the time or a winning trade can quickly turn into a losing one. In a trending market these are the best (forgive the pun) option, but in a sideways market it feels like you're on a roller coaster. It can be doubly frustrating when a stock moves in your favor, but the option does not due to time value decay or because it was overpriced based off of its implied volatility to begin with.

Debit Spreads
So that brings us to the debit spread. Although it lacks the staid slow moving consistent profits that the time decay from credit spreads can bring, it does have the advantage that you can profit many more times than the amount risked without the ups and downs from just buying puts and calls.

To create a debit spread is simple. Let's take a look at the exchange traded fund (EFT) on the Nasdaq (QQQQ) as an example-
Let's say that it's the beginning of February and we are Bearish on QQQQ, so decide to purchase the June At The Money Puts. The ETF is trading at .00 so we purchase the .00 June Put for .80.
We then sell the June Put for .45 giving us a total debit of .35 (2.80-.45). So our maximum loss here is what we paid for the spread .35. If at the end of options expiration the ETF has fallen to a price of .00 or less we would have realized our maximum gain of .65 (High strike price-low strike price) (Debit) or (.00-.00) -(2.35) =.65. So our maximum possible gain is almost 3 times our maximum possible gain here.

Maximum Profit = (Higher Strike- Lower Strike) - net debit
Maximum Loss = Net Debit
Breakeven for call spreads = lower strike + net premium
Breakeven for put spreads = higher strike - net premium

There are a few things to remember when using debit spreads.

1.Options lose their value fastest from time decay during the last 4 weeks until expiration, so make sure to use options that have at least 3-6 months or more.

2.Always check historical vs. implied volatility. If the implied volatility is low relative to historical volatility then we want to be a buyer of options because they are undervalued. If the implied volatility is high then we want to be a seller of options because they are overvalued.

3.Obviously do your research, a bit of fundamental and technical analysis and have a reason for believing why a stock is going to move up or down.

4.Use good money management. I usually use a mental stop loss and get out of the trade when the spread has lost 40-50% of its value.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bin Amex For The American Express Card Verification

Bin databases are used by all small or large firms for reliable checking of financial cards and to ensure trouble free business. Bin stands for bank identification number which serves as a signature for identification of all types of cards. The six digits which constitute bin reveals a lot of information needed to rule out the possibility of financial frauds.

Bin amex is the bin database comprising of bank identification numbers of American express cards. Bin visa and bin master card are dedicated databases of visa and mastercards respectively. The advantage of bin amex is that the merchant do not need to invest in the whole set of bin database when the majority of his customers can or are using American express cards alone.

Benefits of bin amex varies from protection from credit card frauds to fast approval of transactions. The cashless transactions are still on the rise and the need for good anti fraud measures has resulted in custom made solutions like bin amex. Such solutions are far result oriented and contain the most accurate and reliable data. The data of course can be derived either from general databases or from commercially available data bought from card payment processing companies.

The latter is much comprehensive and the bin amex is one such. The details of American Express cards are derived from the service provider directly and this helps in an accurate verification of credit or debit card. Apart from the common classic credit, debit and charge cards, bin amex also offers details on bin numbers of cards such as Black, Blue Cash, Blue for Business, Blue Cash, Bonus, Business, Business Platinum, Cash rebate, Centurion, Citic, Corporate Card, Delta etc.

All these cards vary in their nature and limits of coverage and international payment terms etc. A bin amex contains the latest and up to date information on these cards and the details are therefore of use where firms process claims majorly from such cards.

The bin amex database is really fast enough to allow online and live checking of cards. It takes less than the time it takes to swipe to verify the contents of bin amex database. The bin amex system after verification issues a warning if there are any suspicions for the transaction. This can be linked to accounting software that automatic filtering features can be enabled. On receiving the warning from bin amex, the customer can choose to allow or stop the financial transaction.

Apart from the regular online shopping malls which process large number of credit and debit cards, there are insurance companies which rely on databases such as bin amex for their sustenance. The bin amex is therefore used to verify the insurance frauds also. Medial firms which process insurance claims are also increasingly relying on bin amex for verification of the claims.

Apart from these superficial benefits, bin amex also helps in securing the finance by being linked to e-commerce platforms. When there is a suspicious transaction, the bin amex raises a warning which is passed on to e-commerce platform and the system can be modified to stop transaction for such cases.

Monday, June 25, 2012

There Is No Recession For Financial Planners

If there is one field of career in India that has not been affected by the global economic recession, it is that of financial planning. Anyone who has a little deeper insight into India's economy knows that global financial crisis that has seriously hampered the world economy since 2008, still has its effects on Indian economy as well. But, though somewhat ironically, the crisis in the domain of finance-or at least a real threat of the crisis to appear anytime-has paved a flowery way for career aspirants in the field of financial planning.

The more the financiers feel uncertainty, the more they tend to seek better financial planning. This is the secret behind the overgrowing popularity of CFP training.

Is the Threat Real?

Do you doubt there is any real threat of recession? You may, but for those whose millions of rupees are at stake are already aware of the real situation. As per the data just released, the overall growth performance has been unexpectedly poor in India in the last quarter. The manufacturing sector has particularly performed poor-the growth rate in this sector has been as dismal as 5.3 percent. Though this figure is not so poor when compared with the world's large economies, it is by all means disappointing for ambitious Indian economy.

Basing on this real challenging picture, the scope for any ambitious and efficient financial planner is wide. It is the time that Indian intellect has to show its potential in fighting the recession and thereby to show the road to success to entire world. Financial planning is a bright field engrossed with challenges as well as possibilities.

This is the reason why youth in great numbers are seeking career in this field. More and more students are tending to opt for finance as their specialization niche in their business administration courses. Moreover, there are some uniquely designed courses for people seeking career in the challenging field of finance. The courses offered at ICFP, are include post graduation program in Financial Planning, MBA in Financial Analysis incorporating the American cfa, and so on. These courses are designed to serve specific requirements of people with different backgrounds and exposure to financial world.

Tailored Approach of Institutes

The institutes that glow at these times of apparent recession have been intelligent enough to avoid cut the feet to befit shoes. They have tailored the courses to address the varying needs of people. If you are already employed in some financial institution and want to sharpen your skills by a wider exposure and exercises alongside a precise grip on the basicsyou have a unique course for you. On the other hand, if you are a raw stuff for the financial instructors, you are also welcome.

Challenges Coupled With Rewards

The challenge is enormous in financial world. This is no exaggeration, but reality. There are principles and rules that govern the market and growth in industry and services. But these rules are the most fragile at the time of crisis. It was not out of any silly blunders on the part American financiers that they fell overnight in 2008 and onwards. They were as cautious as everand as vigilant as ever-but they eventually failed to foresee their fates through the flow of the events in the real estate and mortgage sectors. And the bubble of virtual financial growth abruptly burst!

Indian people too cannot be free of such sequences. What does it call for? It calls for sharp and potent young brains to take up the challenge, the enormous and critical challenge to save the fate of entrepreneurs and Indian economy.
But, if you have the guts to immaculately combine your theoretical knowledge with practical situations having innumerable variable to amaze you all the times, you are paid for this skilllucratively!

The growth prospects for your career in the niche filed of financial planning know no practical limits. The field demands focused and pragmatic solutions to real challenges, but embraces those with potential and a fine vision in financial matters with fabulous success in life. When are you going to look for a CFP institute that will help you to broaden your horizons in the slackening economy?

Impending Recession Calls for a Basic Planning

The matter of the fact is that planning is always fruitful in any business. But it becomes even more important in the times of recession. A greater care is required while drawing a plan to counterbalance the impending threats associated with recession.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Efficient English To Irish Translation Services

Any respected translation provider will have to be capable to offer environment friendly English to Irish translation or Irish to English translation services which are professionally done. The finished translation works should be up to the moment with the present language requirements. The customer should be capable of agree with the translation company offering the English to Irish translation or Irish to English translation services and it's the accuracy. The company will have to practice a smartly outlined translation procedure while it takes up a translation assignment. Additionally, it should have in its employment the most efficient to be had English to Irish translation or Irish to English translation translators within the translation market.

If a shopper avails some documents to be translated, the translator should take meticulous care while performing the translation process to be able to come up with an accurate translation. Such a lot of English to Irish translation or Irish to English translation translators are professionals in their chosen area of experience and cover quite a lot of subjects, for instance, tool, medicine, legislation, finance, promoting, business, training and many more. An English to Irish translation or Irish to English service supplier who focuses on finance will be capable to produce an Irish to English translation of any company's annual ultimate financial record, carry out a website translation and localize its content material for use through the targeted group of people. The translation provider supplier may even be relied on enough as to be provided with both Irish to English translation or English to Irish translation duties by means of varied govt's agencies.

The translation company must handiest employ native English to Irish translation or Irish to English translation experts. Those are professional mavens of their areas of experience and the documents they lend a hand translate are the ones they have already got a confirmed monitor of translating into both English or in Irish Gaelic languages. If their space of experience is regulation, then they'll most effective deal with prison translations, whether it is medicine, then they'll best fear themselves with scientific translation issues, etc.

Different services which are provided through the English to Irish translation or Irish to English services suppliers include voice-overs, basic translation into different languages apart from Irish to English translation or Irish to English translation, transcriptions, multilingual search engine marketing services etc. The translation company might also involve itself with telephone interpreting, and convention deciphering globally. Their crew of interpreters and translators supplies the buyer with all of the technical help wanted through assisting in putting in the convention equipments.

The translation company that provides English to Irish translation or Irish to English translation services, should be in a position to avail Irish or English instrument engineers and localization quality insurance editors who can be able to localize the said software product or a complete website. The company must be capable of translate any English or Irish site into the required language, regardless of the programming language applied, as an example, if the web page is written a static HTML or complicated PHP/Perl/ or Java scripts, it must pose no translation drawback to the expert translator. Moreover, on this age of global consciousness, any client would really like to have their web site localized to the acceptable language in use while undertaking business.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis Outbreak

Over the past six months, the debt crisis, ups and downs in Europe, Standard Poor's, Moody's and Fitch, the people familiar with the names frequently appear together with Greece, and each seems to bring bad news.

Greek sovereign debt crisis

December 8, 2009, Fitch took the lead in Greece's sovereign credit rating from "A-" reduced to "BBB", while the Greek public finances prospect identified as "negative." 14 days later, Moody's will be short-term sovereign credit rating by the Greek A-1 down to A-2 level. At this point, the Greek debt crisis finally broke out.

April 22, 2010, the U.S. credit rating agency Moody's announced that the Greek sovereign debt reduction credit rating. Greek bond market, prices fell the same day, financing costs (yield) soared. April 23, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) announced that the Greek Government formally apply for a loan to the organization, requiring rescue.

April 27, 2010, the international credit rating agency Standard & Poor's of Greece's long-term sovereign credit rating from BBB reduced to BB, short-term sovereign credit rating from A-2 down to B, the rating outlook as negative. In addition, Standard & Poor's also lowered the Greek National Bank, Euro Bank, Alpha Bank and Piraeus Bank's credit rating. It started since the euro since the euro-zone countries, the first long-term sovereign credit rating was rated as junk. This deepened the crisis of external debt for the escalation of the Greek panic, triggering a turbulent global market.

Other European countries quickly became the target downgrade the Big Three. The end of April, Standard & Poor's long-term sovereign credit rating of Portugal from A down to A-. Early May, Moody's Aa2 to Portugal's sovereign credit rating on negative-level watch list, down two steps and raised the possibility of warning. The end of May, Fitch announced that Spain's sovereign rating lowered to AA from AAA grade level. As a result, the debt crisis of the Greek debt crisis began to develop in Europe. Trigger a global market panic, the U.S. and global stock markets have plummeted.

Greek EU rescue plan by 750 billion

European debt crisis intensified. May 2, the euro zone and the IMF program of assistance by Greece. The main content of the program, the euro zone and the IMF jointly provide 110 billion euros to the Greek loan over three years in place; the first batch of 30 billion euros of funds in the May 19 put in place to enable the Greek government to pay when due 85 billion euros in debt.

However, this rescue package not enough to appease the market. Investors that the EU action to help Greece too late, too weak. Debt crisis has spread to Greece, Portugal, Spain and even Italy, the financial market unrest on the rise. Greek domestic protests, the credit market tightening, May 6 U.S. stock market appeared unable to explain the drastic devaluation of the Greek sense of crisis in the market may be the same as the year of Lehman Brothers, have systemic crisis.

All this prompted a few days after another EU finance ministers meeting to discuss countermeasures. Swedish finance minister said at the beginning of Berg, if you can not put a convincing solution, then the deficit by "contagion" of the country will become speculators "Wolves behavior" of the victim.

May 10, EU-27 finance ministers in Brussels after urgent consultations, introduced the "euro's stability package." Under the plan, the EU will establish a fund of up to 750 billion euros to help finance and debt crisis that emerged in the euro countries, in order to maintain stability of the euro. Its purpose is to prevent speculation in financial markets, the euro, the debt crisis of the state of the implementation of relief measures.

The history of the largest financial rescue mechanism consists of three parts, of which 440 billion euros by the euro-zone countries to provide the basis of mutual agreement between the three-year, 60 billion euros will be the EU's "Lisbon Treaty" as the basis of relevant provisions, by the European Commission raised from the financial markets, in addition to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will provide 250 billion euros. The new aid program will, when necessary, Portugal and Spain to the high fiscal deficit, instability facing the country to provide support.

Immediately after the rescue plan, the implementation of the European Central Bank said it would "interfere" in order to ensure the market's "depth and liquidity." May 10, the European Central Bank began to purchase bonds. However, the ECB said that this intervention is sterilized intervention type, that does not increase the total currency amount of the financial system.

The ECB also restart the unlimited three-month fixed-rate loan, which is against the credit market crisis, European Central Bank an important tool. Germany, France and Italy's central bank said the 10-day purchase of government bonds has started, but did not provide specific situation. The ECB and the Fed has restored the dollar - euro exchange mechanism. May 9, President Obama to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy expressed the need to take decisive action to restore investor confidence. This shows that the U.S. is very worried about Europe's crisis will affect U.S. economic recovery.

EU and European Central Bank's move to drive the global market rally. May 10 euro jumped to 1.3 U.S. dollars in one fell swoop. Greece 10-year borrowing costs fell by nearly half, also rose in New York stock market opened, the Dow surged 400 points or more, while the three major indexes rose more than 4%. Asian markets generally rose. Japan's Nikkei index closed up 1.6%, Australian stocks closed up 2.7%, mainland China Shanghai Composite rose 0.4%, while South Korea and China Taiwan stocks rose 1.8% and 1.3%. Hong Kong Hang Seng Index rose 2.5%.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Getting A Second Mortgage Loan

A second mortgage refers to getting a loan that is secured by the value of your property minus the mortgage. When a house obtains such a loan then the lender will be able to put under distraint your property. But this sequester comes second after the first execution of the first loan. A second mortgage is almost similar to a home equity loan, the term referring to the same subject and it is a good idea to get these loans when the interest you currently pay drops.

A second mortgage is ideal when you do not know what sum of money you should borrow or you plan to move sooner out of the mortgaged house. Another advantage of the second mortgage is that sometimes it is tax deductible. Of course, not all of these loans are tax free thus you should ask your financial consultant to be sure. You also must be careful to not outrun the value of your house with both mortgages.

There are a lot of utilities offered by the second mortgage, especially because you can use the money for college, to do repairs in your home or to consolidate debt. But no matter your reason why you are making a loan, make sure it is a good purpose because the risk is big and if you do not manage to pay, you can lose your home.

A second mortgage is not eligible for everybody and because the risks are big, particularly if you lend a big sum of money that is very close to the value of your house, then you should reconsider your options and look maybe for private mortgage insurance. When deciding to get a loan you should evaluate the cash you get and what debts you have to pay every month. If the money is not sufficient to cover all of your necessities then maybe you can consider refinancing the first mortgage. Refinancing will ensure lower rates and cash, which is more than you can get in a second mortgage. Besides refinancing after you made the second loan will force you to pay off the second loan.

People make second mortgages mostly because they can guarantee this loan with the same property they made their first loan to. Not until long ago, a second borrowing would have been considered a sign of financial desperation. That is why it was so hard to obtain. Even today, although you do not have to put up as much effort, it is still a big decision to make because normally the interest rate is bigger than your first mortgage interest rate. Experts recommend you should get a second mortgage only when the rate interest for your first mortgage is very low and only in this case.

In order to qualify for a second mortgage sometimes people get them altogether with the first mortgage. But this only happens when you do not have the sufficient cash and thus do not reach the percentage required by the company to give you the loan.

If you are in a very difficult financial position, most experts recommend refinancing. Although it is harder to go get the company to reconsider your rates interest it is still worth the trouble because then you are sure you are going to pay less. Do not forget that you will also have to pay all the necessary taxes and fees and you should avoid sustaining your decision on the interest rate. With a second mortgage you will get a smaller loan and the interest will be lower due to this, but you also risk paying unnecessary exceed money.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Introducing LoPro10

Underfloor heating and renewables specialist, Nu-Heat, has added another floor construction to its already extensive portfolio. LoPro10 is a cement based floating floor with a height build up of just 15mm and excellent thermal properties that can be fitted on top of the existing floor deck, making it ideal for retrofit projects as well as new-build.

Nu-Heat is committed to ensuring that all of its products have optimum performance. LoPro10's low thermal resistance properties allow a high thermal output compared to floating floors under 18mm chipboard, where the heat output is far lower. LoPro10 also has one-third less thermal mass than a screed floor, allowing it to heat up rapidly.

The high thermal output also makes it an ideal partner for heat pump installations, especially in retrofit projects where a low-temperature heating system is needed to optimise heat pump performance but good heat transfer is needed to maintain comfortable room temperatures.

To meet robust acoustic criteria, the new floor construction provides airborne acoustic reduction on timber upper floors by adding mass. The added benefit being that, unlike many lightweight, floating floors, it feels solid underfoot.

Nu-Heat has carefully designed the product in order to make it easy to install. 10mm ultra-flexible PEX-c pipework can be easily laid in the grooved panels in lengths of up to 60m. Unique Fastrack clips enable pipework to be closely laid up to 10 abreast allowing easy run back to the manifold, something that most floating UFH systems fail to achieve. Tiles can be laid directly on to the dense rigid gypsum board with no requirement for a ply layer, making it quick to install.

With a height of just 15mm, LoPro10 is perfect for retrofitting into existing properties, where most will be able to accommodate the additional build-up with minimal adjustment to fittings.

LoPro10 can also be overlaid with 4-6mm plywood for direct carpeting and other floor coverings such as laminates, natural timber and engineered floors can be floated' directly over the panel without the need for battening.

If you would like to find out more about LoPro10 or any of the 60+ floor constructions available from Nu-Heat please contact us on 0800 731 1976 or visit

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Considering Personal Loans And Credit Cards After Bankruptcy

With a bankruptcy looming large on your credit history, you are probably anxious to start getting more positive indicators on your report. This is a good thing. You can do this by getting a new credit card or taking out a personal loan. A lot can be said for either avenue, but you will have to take a good look at your current financial situation to figure the option that would work best for you.

Personal Loans

A personal loan is kind of a friendly peg onto which a variety of financial instruments can be hung. Amounts can vary widely, as can interest rates and repayment terms. Usually, right after bankruptcy, your chances of finding a decent loan with acceptable rates and terms can be pretty difficult, but not impossible.

Bad Credit Loans

You may have to enter the world of private lenders and bad credit lenders. These loans can carry interest rates and terms that would make a loan shark blush, but they can improve your status if they are paid off as stipulated in the contract. Also, since this market is tuned to borrowers with bad credit, many lenders act as if they are doing you a great big favor. They prey on the unworthiness and exasperation of their borrowers. Check the credentials of any lender you may approach thoroughly. If you sense the Big Favor syndrome, find another lender. Honest lenders willing to make bad credit loans are out there.

Credit Cards

Just as with a personal loan, landing a good credit card deal with appropriate interest rates can be a struggle if you are fresh out of bankruptcy. But that is okay. You can fall back, calm yourself, and seek the alternative. Also, if you are having trouble landing a credit card, it could be that you are applying around too much. Making multiple applications over a short period of time will only heighten a lenders concern that you are credit hungry. Credit card issuers do not like to see that. Some issuers will deny a card just on the basis that you have been denied elsewhere.

Bad-Credit Credit Cards

If your are stymied in your quest for a regular credit card, you should consider a secured credit card. They work in very much the same way as regular credit cards regarding where they are accepted and how they report to the various credit agencies. They just require a security deposit which can range from 0 to 0. That deposit sets your spending limit. The deposit is never used toward payment unless you default, and you are expected to maintain your monthly payments according to agreed-upon terms. Benefits will be apparent on your credit reports within months.

Find a Method and Make It Work

A small personal loan and a secured credit card are both worthy ways to rebuild your credit. Some folks take out a small personal loan, put the loan amount in a special account with automatic payments to the lender, and let it lie until the loan has matured. They have in essence used loan money to improve their chances of getting a loan. Two or three times of this sort of activity can go a long way to rebuild a credit history. Just remember, no matter which avenues you choose, there are shysters out there who will play on your post-bankruptcy emotions to steal your money.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Value Of The Golden Orange-yellow Topaz Gemstone: The "imperial Topaz"

Topaz is such an amazing and diverse gemstone is actually occupies two spots on the birthstone chart, and several years of the anniversary chart. Yellow Topaz signifies a November birth and the astrological sign Sagittarius, and blue topaz vies with Turquoise for December's birthstone.

The beautiful topaz whose name comes from the Sanskrit for 'fire' comes in an amazing variety of colors to match any taste. It is the stone of choice for the 4th, 19th, and 23rd anniversary dates. With all of its amazing diversity it is the "Imperial Topaz" that has the most romantic and mystical qualities thanks to the impact of its regal bearing and royal interests.

The "Imperial Topaz" is always a rich, deep golden to reddish orange-yellow. While it is simply one of the many varieties of topaz "Imperial Topaz" is the stone of choice for investment seekers, and jewelry lovers alike and is the stone for the 23rd anniversary as well as the true topaz choice for November's birthstone. Its rick golden color has a luster unlike any other stone and its hardy nature makes it a natural for jewel settings.

Royal Blood

The variety of topaz that is often called "Imperial Topaz" is named that because pink and red varieties were often used in the crown jewels and other jewelry of the 18th and 19th century Czarinas of Russia. During that golden age of Russian monarchy topaz ruled supreme and was the sign of royalty that few if any people of lesser station could afford.


The varieties of topaz have a hardness level of 8. Measured on a scale of 1 - 10 with diamonds being at the very top, the topaz is still considered a hardy and durable gemstone that is hard to damage in the course of normal wear and care.


Variety is the spice of life and topaz has a lot of it. It comes in colors including orange, yellow, brown, light to deep sky blue, pink, white, purple, green, and sparkling clear that is often cut in the "brilliant" diamond cut to resemble it.

Many of the colors of topaz occur naturally but some are created with a man-made heat process to enhance or change the color of the gem. Naturally deep blue topaz hardly ever occurs and is almost always a result of heat treating lighter stones. Pink also is a rare natural occurrence and is usually the heat treated version of yellow or brown topaz.

Location, Location, Location

Not just a real estate saying in the world of topaz the location it comes from means a lot. Russian topaz has a habit of fading over time. The most sought after topaz, and home of "Imperial Topaz" is Brazil. "Imperial Topaz" has the largest deposits in Ouro Preto, Brazil.

Imperial Topaz in Folklore

The mystique of topaz in general and "Imperial Topaz" in particular has captured the imagination of man for centuries. It was once thought to heal many physical and mental illnesses and ward off death. Roman soldiers often wore "Imperial Topaz" to war in the belief it would make them invisible to opponents. Many Romans also believed Topaz could improve eyesight, and ancient Egyptians believed amulets of topaz worn about the neck would prevent injuries.

Imperial Value

The "Imperial Topaz" is one of the more valued stones and can be hard to find. All topaz is tricky to cut and develop because it is prone to cracking while cutting which is often reflected in its price. Topaz is judged by the three 'Cs': color, cut, and clarity just like a diamond. The most important aspect when examining a topaz is the lack of impurities. A clear topaz is more valuable than an equal stone with marks, scratches, or cloudiness.

Care of the "Imperial Topaz"

While topaz is considered a hardy stone that is durable, it is still a fine gemstone that should be treated with reasonable care. The best care for any gemstone is prevention. Don't wear precious gems like "Imperial Topaz" while doing heavy or dirty work. Avoid wearing your topaz jewelry when asleep or playing active sports.

Cleaning topaz should be done with gentle cleaners, not harsh chemicals. While the Russian varieties are most prone to fading with exposure to light sources all topaz should be kept out of direct light and kept from exposure to heat as much as possible.

With proper care your "Imperial Topaz" jewelry will last a lifetime.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Federal Student Loans vs. Private Student Loans

Students who use Stafford Loans to finance their education will also enjoy a six-month grace period before they begin repaying their loans. The grace period starts upon graduation or any time the student's enrollment status drops below half-time. During this grace period, no payments for interest or principal are required. Additionally, in times of financial difficulty, students may be able to defer their payments or apply for a period of forbearance until their situation improves. Federal loans generally qualify for up to two years of forbearance over the life of the loan.

Private student loans have many differences from federal student loans. However, if used properly, they may also be effective tools for education funding. Private education loans are issued by lenders such as banks and credit unions. They are regulated by the federal government, but there are no guarantees against default.

The main difference between federal loans and private loans is that private loans are credit-based. This means that your eligibility is determined by your credit rating. Requirements do vary by lender, but most private lenders will allow you to use a cosigner, or co-borrower, to qualify for a private loan. Furthermore, private lenders may require proof of income from the student or a cosigner before the student is approved for a loan.

The amount you may receive from a private lender also varies. Oftentimes, the loan amount is based on an amount set by your school. However, some private lenders set their own limits and allow students to use the funds for whatever financial needs the student may have. This includes housing, transportation, purchasing a computer, tuition, etc.

Another difference between federal and private student loans is in interest rates. Generally, private loans will have a higher interest rate than federal loans, and the interest rate for private loans will always be variable, even after consolidation. Also, the student's (or cosigner's) credit score may have an effect on the interest rate. Many private lenders start at a prime interest rate and then add a margin depending on the credit score. If the borrower does not have good credit, the interest rate will be higher.

Repayment plans also differ by lender for private loans. However, private lenders may not offer benefits such as forbearance or deferment in times of financial hardship. They also may not offer a grace period, and some private lenders require that the interest payments be made while the student is in school, although most lenders have repayment options to allow deferment of the principal until the student graduates. Also, like federal loans, the repayment term is often 10 or more years for private education loans.

If you are a student, plan to become a student, or are a parent of a student, it is important for you to understand your education-funding options. Private and federal loans may be effectively used in combination to fill in the financial gaps. Regardless of the type of loan you use, remember that it is not free money and it must be repaid. Choose your lender carefully, and weigh your options. After all, you will likely be repaying your education loans for many years to come.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Realtor Promotion Tactic Reveals How To Triple Your Closings Using Electricians

What do you think of when someone says "referral marketing letters", in terms of marketing ideas? Want to bet that you think I'm talking about getting letters of recommendation from your past clients?

That's not a shabby marketing tactic for Realtors either. Although, I'm referring to you getting a career-long flow of clients from other well-thought-of professionals in your neighbourhood. And the only thing you'll need to do is jot down a nice little letter, written by the greatest real estate agent (you!).

In a nutshell, referral marketing letters for Realtors can be summed up like this: get a list of other professionals in your "farm area" that will have the type of clients and prospects you're searching for. Then you have to to jot down a personalized letter about yourself and mail it, by regular mail, to your list of professionals.

Be sure you get unique and use an envelope that stands out from every other white, stock envelope in the mail. Be consistent about following up with each professional by telephone, regular mail or email at least 1 time each month.

You'd be surprised how lots of successful Realtors use this marketing plan for their entire careers, almost eliminating marketing expenses to produce clients.

First, let's create a list of professionals that in fact have the clients you possibly could work with...

- CPAs

- Loan Officers (probably goes without saying, true?)

- Financial Planners

- Attorneys

- Remodeling Companies

- Certified Appraisers

- Residential Electricians

- Plumbers

- Landscapers

- Residential Roofers

- Tree Cutting Professionals

- Handymen

- You catch the idea...

That list should get you off and running but there's many more you can add in the future.

So how can you get a comprehensive list of all the professionals you'll want to work with? No worries, it's straight forward. You have a couple of options, depending on how much money you have in your marketing budget.

Searching through the yellow pages, online, is a cheap option. I'm certain you already have a selected area you work in, as a Realtor, so it'll be best to adhere to that. With the yellow pages alternative, the downside is that it can be time consuming.

You have to go through each individual listed and find their name, phone number and mailing address. This alternative is totally free of charge but undoubtedly more time consuming than several Realtors might like.

The other option for you is to just purchase a list of these professionals that you desire to advertise to. In the indentical way you're probably on one or more Realtor or agent lists being sold out there, just about every profession has their own list for sale also.

This isn't some kind of "black market" or illegal list, don't worry. These kinds of compiled, professional lists are regularly for sale since professionals (like us real estate agents) voluntarily sign up for random subscriptions, associations, events, etc.

When it comes to purchasing this list of professionals, you have a cluster of list companies to choose from. Try to pick a list company that has all the professions you're searching for, rather than going to different list companies for each profession. Buying your list will cost you some marketing dollars but you'll salvage yourself a pant load of torment and working hours.

Whether you prefer to purchase your list or accumulate it yourself, as soon as you have it, you can start off crafting your referral letter for these professionals. Unfortunately, copywriting is a topic of its own and we simply can't get into it right now, or else you'll be studying a novel today. That's a matter all by itself.

What you need to grasp for right now is that this referral letter can not be the same kind of "sales" letter that you would send out, trying to get listing prospects.

You can replicate and re-use your letter for each professional however the referral letter itself needs to make each professional who gets it, to feel like they're the sole one in the world that you sent it to.

The trick is writing your letter as if you were speaking to each professional in-person. I'd suggest that you don't apply the boring, "professional" language style that you read in the letters you get from your bank. Draw their curiosity with your letter and talk to them as a genuine human being, not like a boring bank or credit card company.

This is off topic but this manner of "real person" marketing goes for all your marketing pieces: classified ads, emails, postcards, etc.

What the heart of this letter needs to tell them is that you wish to refer business back and forth, not just take and take and take from them. The big plan is for you to become these professionals "Realtor on-demand", so to speak, and get all their client referrals for the rest of your career. Emphasize how they'll gain without trying to "sell" them on it, you know?

If you know something personal about their company or the field they work in, drop it in the letter. If a professional has helped a client you know, feel free to write that in your letter as well. Unless you talk about their momma, for some reason, it's almost inconceivable for you to get too personal in your letter.

I'd strongly advise that you compose your referral letter yourself, rather than employ anyone else to do it. Although, if you're the kind who can't stand penning any kind of letter to anyone, you can just look for a solid independent writer who can write it for you.

Just type in "independent writers" on Google and you'll see many people to pick from. With a number of companies, they even let you to screen through their writers from across the world. The great thing is a number of of these companies allow you see reviews on each writer, how much they charge and even contact them with "consultation questions". On various sites, you can place an opening for the project you need written and have freelance writers apply to you. really slick.

Okay, you've got your marketing list of professionals and you've written your referral letter, now we need to send it out thru the normal mail, not e-mail. Just whatever you do, please do not send your letter in a simple white envelope like we see everyday of our lives... pretty please!

Look for a mailing box or another envelope that will stick out among all the mail these professionals will be sorting through. Your goal is to stick out similar to a sore thumb, in a good way, from all the mail your list will be getting. I would also hand-write the address and return address, as it'll come across more personalized to the recipient.

When you collect your mail, which pieces do you open right away and which ones do you toss without a 2nd look? The precedence goes to letters where the sender hand-wrote the address, everytime!

Next, you need to include a marketing piece, other than only your letter. A fun marketing piece to enclose might be a video you create with Animoto and copy onto a DVD (easier than it sounds).

A friend of mine used poker chips as his marketing gadget when he sent out a mailing for his life insurance business. His slogan on the poker chips was "Don't Gamble on Your Life".

Isn't that superb? That's the type of creative juice you want to have flowing if you desire to be the top dog Realtor or agent in your area.

By the way, and this is critical, you'll want to aim these professionals to both your website and your telephone number, inside your marketing letter. It's crucial to offer them the choice of how to contact you. You can never tell who hates talking on the phone and who hates looking at websites.

Your last step is unquestionably the most crucial of them all. The mother of all keys to marketing is "repetition". Statistics from the marketing industry show that a future customer needs to be exposed to your message at least 7 times, on average, before they are comfy enough to answer.

So it's obviously important to keep following-up with these professionals on your list. After your initial mailing, I'd tell you to follow up with them by telephone or another letter about 1 time a month. Emailing them would be an alternative also, if you have it.

As it is with dating, you want to be careful to not smother and irritate them or else you can bet on never receiving referrals from them, ever. It's a fine line but you need to tell them why you should be their "go-to" Realtor without coming across in a rude or annoying way.

One final tip, if you want to save yourself a pant load of time, pay your teenager to stuff these envelopes and mailers. I'd still tell you to pen your referral letter yourself but feel free to pay somebody else to address the envelopes and stick the letters inside.

It's inexpensive labor, just like US companies do when they employ overseas workers for their customer service call centers (did I just throw in a cheap shot?).

Seriously, this is just one of the better, long-term and short-term marketing tips for Realtors. In the long-run, you can see yourself with a constant flood of client referrals from these professionals, as long as you devote yourself to forming these relationships.

Focus on helping them as much as you want them to help you and the funds will flow in!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Is Kreg The Greatest Pocket Hole Jig? Go Through What Operators Reveal

Within wood working lingo the process of joining two or more sections together is named "wood joinery". To all those who have never stood on the saw dust coated floor or even sustained the pangs of slinging various types of adhesive between boards, this particular term would seem simple enough. Nevertheless timber joinery may include these kinds of different solutions as tongue and grove joints, dovetail joints, mortise and tenon joints, biscuit joints, dowel joints and some other techniques that timber tradesmen have spent many years continuously working at and in quite a few instances cursing.

Undoubtedly the advantage of a dovetailed drawer inside a dining room showcase or a bed room cabinet are some things that could be continually respected. Nevertheless these forms of wood joinery may only end up being manufactured as a result of procedures of which even if utilizing high-priced jigs and fixtures will demand proficiency as well as perseverance. Throughout todays fast paced community where by high quality home furnishings needs to be produced with concerns regarding the price tag of work plus the lack of ample expert wood workers, any procedure which will result in a robust, high quality joint is much preferred.

Adhesive has long been a product associated with sturdy joints. Bear in mind mortise and tenon, dovetail, biscuit joinery and numerous other solutions, glue happens to be a crucial addition to the toughness for the joints. Glues are pricey and unpleasant to apply which increases the job therefore the cost of completed joints.

Building sturdy wood joints is actually a challenge for a lot of home woodworkers as their goal is an attractive finished item without needing too much proficiency or maybe costly gear. Absolutely the abilities regarding a few part-time woodworkers equals that of professionals. Yet this specific ability takes great levels of time and also working experience to acquire. What exactly is needed is some sort of process for you to join wood without the need of pricey specific tools or even numerous years of practical knowledge designed to nonetheless create high quality, stunning finished work.

In 1986 such a technique was given birth by a toolmaker that was also a part-time woodworker. When presented with a problem in a task in his home, Craig Sommerfeld merged his tool making expertise as well as love of wood work to produce just what would turn out to be an progression within woodworking. The procedure ended up being so simple and easy and produced such robust joints without the presence of necessity of adhesive that whenever wood workers finally realized exactly what the idea was, only after the huge efforts by it's creator, many people quickly added the system to help their own workshops and toolboxes.

The system utilizes a clamping jig the guides the specific drill at fifteen degree angle into adjoining timber components creating a clearance hole within a single item as well as a hole within the subsequent that hold a special screw. All which is actually required is to drive inside the screws and the flawlessly in-line, disguised joint is produced. Although adhesive is not needed it can be used whenever preferred.

Though the years involving development a number of versions and kits of the Kreg pocket hole jig are already created. Some standard kits are made to use for repair work as well as spontaneous project. Much more complete elaborate systems are available for people that perform a lot of woodworking at home and for specialist shops.

To be anticipated anytime a new favorite tool is designed there are certain to often be copycat products that is generated by alternative organizations. Kreg is certainly referred to as greatest pocket hole jig system available. Can be that statement used with owners? Any quick search of buyers reviews on web-sites just like Amazon quickly indicate that Kreg buyers adore their particular systems. It is not uncommon to uncover that seventy if not more clients took the time to return to Amazon online after buying a new Kreg system to give reviews that are positive. The majority of the testamonials are in the 5 star range that is the best critique rating possible.

Amazon has a few other types of the pocket hole screw jig. It is easily visible that while those who own 1 or more of the other products look like they're happy about their selection of product they also acknowledge that in case they were likely to be doing a lot of woodworking involving screw joinery they will spend the required cash to acquire a Kreg system.

One product produced by a manufacturer of which is noted for a large line of low-priced tools has not yet gotten a lot admiration for their screw jig. This simply enforces the fact that if you are intending to buy a screw jig you need to commit a while studying the various versions as well as users thoughts to make certain you can get the tool suitable for your requirements and funds. As with any kind of excellent wood working apparatus it looks in which price tag is important and in many instances investing more leads to an improved tool.

Even together with the finest tools, every single new models is just not guaranteed to please just about all customers. Kreg discovered this within one of their own latest packages. Users of earlier designs complained that while the brand new product did certainly provide valuable advances in some instances it didn't seem to clamp specified sized panels as firmly as the earlier design. Examining the owners testimonials nonetheless it has been easy to find tricks to defeat this concern and as before owners seem hard pressed to find fault with the Kreg pocket hole jigs.

I would really prefer to suggest that you should under no circumstances pay for any kind of item without first conducting a tiny analysis by simply looking at the accessible customer's remarks. This may mean a real difference between years of pleasant work or perhaps several hours of cursing something that couldn't live up to your expectations.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Are You Being Embezzled? by Thomas J. Gatto

If you type the world "embezzlement" into a Yahoo or Google search, you will find countless examples of employees stealing from their employers. Here are just a few of the stories I found when writing this article:

Men Embezzle 200,000 Pounds of Metal, Warrants Charge

Former Satellite Radio Worker Admits Embezzlement (This employee admitted to embezzling over 0,000.)

Ex-Bank Employee is Sentenced to Prison (This employee attempted to embezzle close to 0,000 from customer accounts.)

These are just a few of the many embezzlement cases that appear in the news every day. According to FBI arrest statistics, 21,400 arrests were related to embezzlement in 2008. Small businesses are the most susceptible to embezzlement, and they are often hurt the worst. For instance, a 2002 report indicates that an average embezzlement scheme costs a small business 7,500 in losses, but an average scheme in a large company only results in ,000. While both of these are big numbers, a small business cannot afford this type of loss. In addition, a 2004 report states that almost half of all embezzlement cases occur in companies with less than 100 employees. These crimes are not limited to large corporations.

To make matters worse, embezzlement is being an increasing problem. According to National Fraud Center statistics, the cost of economic crime such as embezzlement has risen from billion in 1970 to 0 billion in 1990, and this number is expected to continue to rise. All businesses need to be concerned about embezzlement, especially small businesses. The best way to prevent such a crime is being educated and taking preventive measures. Let's start by looking at how commits these crimes.

Who is Embezzling?

While any employees could potentially be capable of embezzlement, research shows that there are some common characteristics among those convicted. It is important to note that these are just generalizations, and they do not mean that an employee who fits these describes is a criminal or that an employee who doesn't fit in these categories is not embezzling. The purpose of this information is to draw your attention to the facts and to make you question how your company is handling the threat of embezzlement.

" Losses caused by employees who are 60 or older are 27 times higher than those caused by employees who are 25 or younger.
" About 50% of those who commit fraud earn less than ,000 a year.
" The majority of embezzlers have worked for the victim company for at least five years.
" Two-thirds of the incidents are committed by employees who hold finance and accounting positions.
" Nearly two-thirds of all embezzlement incidents involve female perpetrators.

How Does Embezzlement Happen?

There are two main reasons employees are able to embezzle without their employers noticing: too much trust and lack of preventive measures. We all want to believe that our employees, especially those we consider close friends and relatives, are honest and trustworthy, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. As a business owner, you must always be on the lookout for suspicious activity and you must have policies in place to prevent criminal behavior. Here are a few ways to decrease your risk of embezzlement losses.

" Implement strong accounting control
" Perform internal audits
" Divide bookkeeping duties
" Carefully check backgrounds and references before hiring new employees
" Don't tolerate any form of stealing

These are just a few of the ways you can prevent embezzlement. If you think you may have a dishonest employee at your company, you need to take action. In my book Catch Your Bookkeeper.Com, I share the top ten secrets embezzlers use to steal your wealth and the simple steps you can take to protect yourself from fiscal disaster. Don't keep wondering whether you're being embezzled - find out now, and take control of your financial security.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

How a Lien and a Lien Holder Affect Your Auto Insurance Policy

There are all sorts of complications that arise when buying car insurance for yourself. The presence of a second party definitely complicates matters further. A lot of people who have a lien against their car feel overwhelmed, like they can't make their own decisions about their car insurance, or that they're not truly responsible for what happens to their car because they don't "own it."

To help dispel these rumors, in this article we're going to discuss a little bit about the ins and outs of holders, and how they affect your policy. The first place to start is with a definition: what is a lien, and what is a holder? A lien is a claim on property (in this case, your car) as security for the payment of a debt. That means if you can't pay your debt, whoever has placed the lien (the holder) can take your car away.

A lien can be placed on your car either by choice, or by force. By choice is when you're leasing a car, or when you're borrowing money. You are voluntarily making an agreement with someone else, agreeing to pay that person, and using your car as a promise that you will pay. You understand that if you don't pay, the holder can come in and reclaim your car. A lien placed on a car by force is usually the result of the government - particularly the IRS. If you owe the government money, they will often place liens on your home or car until you pay your back taxes. Depending on the state rules, that lien can be collected whenever you try and sell your car, or the car itself can be forcibly taken after a period of time.

It's worth noting that if your car sells for ,000 and your lien is valued at ,000, you only get ,000 from the sale of the car. Your holder gets paid first. If the car sells for ,000 and the lien is valued at ,000, then you get nothing from the sale of your car, and you still owe the lien holder ,000.

So how does this affect your insurance? It makes you take into consideration the needs of your lien holder, who owns the title to your car. In cases of voluntary liens, such as leasing, you are required to purchase as much insurance as your lien holder wants. This can often include above and beyond standard damage and collision coverage. This is done as a way to keep you from getting out of a lien if your car is totaled. Sometimes, auto insurance companies have special names for these additional policies: Loss Payee Clauses, or Lien holder Clauses

A good thing to keep in mind: if you get into a minor accident, the lien holder has no responsibility - you are still required to pay the whole deductible.

Getting Personal Loans For Bad Credit: A Simple Guide To Approval

Procuring a loan is usually quite difficult for bad credit borrowers, but it is not impossible. Traditional lenders need to feel confident that they will get the money they grant to applicants back. So, personal loans for bad credit borrowers are available with some extra conditions so long as income is sufficient and existing debts are not too many.

Of course, this is good news for anyone who has fallen on hard times in recent years, and unfortunately that category of person numbers quite a few thanks to the economic crises over the past 5 years. But some lenders have chosen to accommodate that niche, and grant approval with poor credit scores.

However, it must be noted that in getting these personal loans, it is necessary to accept some compromises. The terms are not going to be ideal, and the repayments are likely to be higher than would be preferred. But getting approval is the priority.

What Bad Credit Is Not A Problem

Traditionally, a low credit rating is considered a very negative thing. Obviously, it's not a good thing, but it is far from the disaster some people seem to think it is. For a start, the fact that personal loans for bad credit borrowers exist shows that loan options are still out there.

The fact is that bad credit scores are not the accurate indication they were designed to be. Originally, they helped to identify those applicants who were high risk, and protect lenders against defaults. However, with so many honest borrowers falling on hard time, a low score no longer means the borrower is likely not to repay the loan.

Lenders who acknowledge this fact are willing to grant approval with poor credit scores, though they still protect themselves with more expensive terms. Therefore, applicants need to find the best personal loan terms for them.

Typical Terms To Expect

As already mentioned, the loan terms expected with personal loans for bad credit borrowers are not perfect. While a credit score is not detrimental to a loan application, it does have an effect on the interest rate charged.

Basically, the lower the score, the higher the interest, which in turn has an influence on the affordability of the loan. Higher interest means a larger monthly repayment sum, which can push the cost of the loan outside the debt-to-income ratio. So, approval with poor credit scores is no guarantee.

The debt-to-income ratio is the key to approval. It stipulates that no more than 40% of income be dedicated to repaying debts. If repayments on a new personal loan push the share over 40%, then the application will be rejected without exception.

Finding The Right Loan Deal

So, how and where can the best personal loans for bad credit borrowers be found? The best place to search for them is on the Internet, where online lenders are known to offer the lowest interest rates and the most flexible repayment schedules.

Online lenders are recognized experts in bad credit lending, so the loan products they have are specifically designed for bad credit borrowers. And since that niche is their target market, the chances of getting loan approval with poor credit scores are very high.

Using comparison sites online can help to speed up the process, with clear comparison tables ensuring the details of specific loan offers are made obvious. So, when it comes to getting a personal loan, borrowers can feel sure they have found the right one for them.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Get Rid Of That Bad Credit Home Loan With Refinancing

If you are currently making payments as a home buyer, those payments are not indicative of your present credit score. They are a result of your bad credit score when you first took out the loan. You may say that your current credit score is not that great either. You may want to consider refinancing your home with a bad credit home loan.

How a Bad Credit Home Refinance Should Help

Taking out a bad credit home loan mortgage refinance should result in a difference regarding lower interest rates and lower monthly payments. Of course, your current credit scores will have an influence on both of those goals. Prudence dictates that you should find a lender who specializes in working with folks who have less than sterling credit histories. Of course, the over-arching question is whether or not you will get an approval that will result in those lower interest rates and lower monthly payments.

The Goal of a Bad Credit Home Loan Refinancing

Lower payments and lower interest rates are the goal of any consumer reaching for a home loan refinancing project. Of course, these goals will be somewhat affected by your credit scores. Keep in mind that you are looking for better interest rates as well as lower monthly payments. The latter can be effected by asking for extended repayment times in terms of years of the loan maturity.

King Credit Is the Key

Though you know your scores were not so good when you first contracted the loan, they should be a little better now. Use that as leverage when you start talking with your prospective lender about interest rates. Pull your own credit scores to be sure you know that everything on it reflects reality. Credit reports contain errors more often than not.

Know Your Lender

If you have been banking with a certain financial institution, bank or credit union, for some time, that particular lender may be the best for a refinance of your bad credit home loan. Your present mortgage lender could very well be the best agent for refinance of your bad credit home loan mortgage. If you have been responsible with them on your existing mortgage, they may very well be eager to offer you a bad credit mortgage refinance.

Go Shopping

If you would rather not use your existing bad credit home loan mortgage lender, start shopping around. Often enough bad credit borrowers have found lower interest rates and more comfortable and lower repayment terms. If you do go shopping, do not have any less than five prospective lenders among your choices when asking for quotes.

Explanations for Bad Credit Home Mortgage Refinancing

Your lender may ask for specifics regarding your employment and your salary. Your credit score will not be the primary consideration when considering you for a loan. The lender will probably be more focused on your job stability and your prospects for a larger salary.

The First Quote Is Never the Best

Never jump onto the first lender that offers you a quote. Wait for all your quotes to come in. Once in, get back with each lender and flinch at their quote. Say: Well, I am not sure. That can often result in a better offer. Flinching can wield a lot of negotiating power.